Race 2 of the 2008 Fife regatta must have been something of a relief for owners and insurers alike as the anticipated strong winds and rain did not materialize. In front of a reduced spectator fleet the 20 strong armada of antique elegance made a stately procession up the Firth of Clyde under full sail. With a running start from Largs the small boats leading the procession were soon mingling with the largest. Altair, Mariette, Maraquita and
Moonbeam, with a collective age of almost 400 years old, setting great clouds of sail as they glided through the fleet, creating an unforgettable sight and depriving their little sisters ahead of what wind there was. There was just sufficient wind to get the fleet safely to their destination of Rhu Marina. Some of the world’s top marine photographers snapped busily for the whole journey.