Official Noticeboard

This is the Official Noticeboard for the Richard Mille Fife Regatta 2022. Changes to the Sailing Instructions, Results and Jury Notices shall be posted on this page before and during the regatta. Please press ‘Refresh’ on your browser so you load the latest version of this page.

Regatta Documents

Change to Schedule to include Racing on Monday 13 June 2022

The courses for racing on 13 June 2022, with the rounding direction typo in Class 1’s course description table corrected.

Class Divisions Updated 11:44, 11 JUN 2022 – Macaria moved from Class 3 to Class 2


Jury Notices

Notices relating to the protest procedure, protest time limits and protest hearings shall be posted here.

Protest Time Limits:


Other Racing Notices and Information

Other Relevant Notices and Updates will be posted here.



Racing results will be posted here.

Results for all configurations.

Results for the “Battle of the Gaffers”.

Results for “Battle of the Bermudan Rigs”.

Please also see:

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