Race Preview: ‘The King’s Course’

Friday 5th July 2013 will see the last race for this quinquennial spectacle. The race course used will be a recreation of the course first used in 1891, and was resurrected during the 2008 regatta.


The race starts at 11am, and larger Class 1 & 2 fleets will race on the orange course in a anti-clockwise direction (N then W then S then E). Class 3 races the shorter blue course.

With forecasts indicating a light southerly wind, and sun in the afternoon, this should be a perfect antidote to the windier and wetter days endured this week!

The start line will be to the north of the Cumbrae Ferry route, and we may again use the Safety Zone to facilitate fair and safe racing. Please be aware, if spectating on the water, that the Cumbrae Ferry has right of way over other watercraft under local by-law. Largs Promenade north of the ferry pier should offer a great view of the start and finish.

Lastly, the course diagram as given to the skippers in 1891: